Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Like! Share! Stalk!

Barnaby was right in his blog: I am shy about releasing my work. But that needs to change.

I feel like I've been a "behind the scenes" writer for too long. If you saw me at my old jobs at the Rochester Business Journal or the San Francisco Business Times then I was just a page in the newspaper, a voice on the phone or a name on an email signature. But a key thing about being an author today is the process of building and even becoming your own brand. The mysterious reclusive author no longer exists in a world where everyone has the internet in their pockets. So let's go with it, shall we?

"Like" the Evenarian page on Facebook and you'll be guaranteed to get instant updates about the book's status - and ways you can help make the published book a reality. You can start by liking the page and sharing it on your own Facebook profiles! I'll post some excerpts from the manuscript soon after I write some more of the book. I know you're all excited to see that. So click the "like" button on the top right of the Facebook page, keep reading this blog, and you'll be the first to hear of any writing samples as soon as they're out.

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