Sunday, August 26, 2012


We have reached our goal of 100 likes on Facebook!!!

It's such a nice thing to wake up to this morning. This book means everything to me, and I'm ecstatic to learn that other people like the idea, and support me writing it. I have these characters in my head, and they each have fully formed opinions on what is truth. I left my job to bring them to life, and into bookshelves where you can read about them. It's hard work, and lonely at times. But your support encourages me. Again, thank you.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

All about the logo

What do you think The Evenarian is about when you look at the logo?

The Evenarian is a fantasy novel-in-the-making in the style of George R.R. Martin. It takes place in a tribal and imperial world just on the verge of a messianic change - a change that must be stopped at all costs. The world is held together by a monastic system of cloisters where the Seekers of Truth study history, prophecy, healing, warfare and, of course, magic. Ultimately, the story will give you the reader insight into today's shifting views on the nature of truth. All of these themes are captured in the logo.

The logo's backdrop is of a pair of hands levitating a book with a light shining from above. It evokes a mystical, almost religious quality. One feels the silence of the monastic setting where the magicians are absorbed in their studies. Above this, in a fantasy-style font, the title is displayed with a hazy orange glow at the bottom of the letters, as if enchanted. Finally, in a regular font, the phrase "Kill The Prophecy. Save History." introduces you to the paradoxical mystery of the book.

Those were my intentions, but I'm very curious to know what you think of it. Do you like it? What other things does it make you think of? What emotions does it make you feel? If you didn't know any better, what would you think the book is about from just the logo?

I'm making variations on the theme, so below is a deconstruction of the logo inspired by the famous cover of Mario Puzo's "Godfather" series (the hand manipulating the puppet strings). Let me know what you think and please share this post with your friends. We are trying to grow support on our Facebook page because we want you to see the writing samples as soon as any are released. Help kill the prophecy and save history at

Kill The Prophecy. Save History.
Kill The Prophecy. Save History. Like on Facebook.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Like! Share! Stalk!

Barnaby was right in his blog: I am shy about releasing my work. But that needs to change.

I feel like I've been a "behind the scenes" writer for too long. If you saw me at my old jobs at the Rochester Business Journal or the San Francisco Business Times then I was just a page in the newspaper, a voice on the phone or a name on an email signature. But a key thing about being an author today is the process of building and even becoming your own brand. The mysterious reclusive author no longer exists in a world where everyone has the internet in their pockets. So let's go with it, shall we?

"Like" the Evenarian page on Facebook and you'll be guaranteed to get instant updates about the book's status - and ways you can help make the published book a reality. You can start by liking the page and sharing it on your own Facebook profiles! I'll post some excerpts from the manuscript soon after I write some more of the book. I know you're all excited to see that. So click the "like" button on the top right of the Facebook page, keep reading this blog, and you'll be the first to hear of any writing samples as soon as they're out.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kill Hitler

The Evenarian will be fantasy book, like Game of Thrones, but it has a character who had time-traveled to kill a historical figure who will be responsible for causing the future world's problems. It's a takeoff on the old "if only someone would go back in time and kill Hitler" idea. But would that actually work out?
We assume the kill-Hitler scenario would work because that era is so well-documented and we have many first-hand accounts of what happened (let's face it, The History Channel owes its success to World War II's thorough records), so a prospective time-traveling assassin would be able to pinpoint the perfect moment to swoop in and complete his mission. But even though those events took place less than 100 years ago, there are still many gaps and unsolved mysteries of the era.

So...what if someone went back in time several centuries, even thousands of years, with a similar goal? What if the man they try to kill had been prophesied? Can one really kill a prophecy to save history?

Ironically, we rely on history to help shape our worldviews and often our own identities. But can we really know everything in history? No. It's impossible. Just think of all the mistakes one over-confident person could make if they were actually able to go back in time.

Suddenly that whole kill-Hitler thing doesn't sound so simple. Nether is killing The Evenarian.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Do you want to talk about the book? Social Media FTW!

Hey, I just set up a Facebook Fan Page for my upcoming book "The Evenarian" because I wanted to give you, my readers, a place to hang out and chat with other fans. Soon we will also have a Kickstarter page where you can pledge to help our main character kill the prophecy and save history. There's already a twitter account at @the_evenarian and of course there is this blog you are reading.

You can ask me questions about the book here on the blog, on the Facebook page, or on Twitter. I'd be happy to tell you more because I know you're curious! ;-)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hey everybody, I'm writing a novel!

-->Like the rest of the civilized world, my husband and I were hitting Game of Thrones pretty hard last year. I was awed by George Martin's ability to craft a nuanced, believable world. At that time, we were also reading a book by Neal Stephenson, one of the best-known names in speculative fiction. That book was "Anathem," which is about a planet where science and the regular world are firmly divided, to harrowing results.
One day, my husband Barnaby said to me out of the blue "I have an idea for a book." Turns out it was not "out of the blue." He had the main plot, themes and characters fully developed in his mind from conception, to the point where he told me an amazingly detailed story from start to finish. The man is a genius.
Instantly I knew this was the kind of book I had always wanted to write. The more we talked about it, the more excited we became. As lifelong science fiction and fantasy fans, we were thrilled to discover something this good to give back to the community that have brought us so much inspiration and enjoyment over the years.
I've wanted to write a book - this book - for a long time. As we shared the idea with friends, we got overwhelmingly positive feedback. "I would read that" so many people told us. We knew were onto something special. So this year, with my husband's support and with the support of my readers and friends, I left my full-time job as a journalist to focus on writing full-time.
Imagine, if you will...
A traveler arrives into a medieval world to prevent the original rift between magic and science that has caused so much strife throughout history. His goal: kill a messianic figure foretold by prophecy. Known only as the Evenarian, this man (or woman) was responsible for spreading a revolutionary message that led to science's supremacy over magic, and to a future full of war. To save history, the traveler has to do more than eliminate a person. He must kill a prophecy. 
And now, we're able to share this story with all of you. Stay tuned for more!
--Julia P. Dickinson