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First things first: What is The Evenarian?
The Evenarian is a original 190,000-word fantasy novel written by me, Julia Dickinson.
Cool, so what's it about?
Turo, a young mage in training, lives in a land called the Kingsrealm, where magic and prophecy control everything from from the building of majestic cities to the simple task of drawing water from a well. Turo is happily pursuing his magic studies until he finds a strange travelers wandering just outside his cloister walls. The wayfarer is named Josh, and he claims he's trying to stop a dangerous man foretold in prophecy, known only as the Evenarian. According to Josh, the Evenarian will cause the downfall of magic and the ruin of the world as Turo knows it.
A series of tragic events convinces Turo to leave his cloistered life and join Josh's quest to uncover the Evenarian's identity and stop this dangerous man. The duo soon meets a crafty young woman named Elena. A diplomat from the southern land of Sone, Elena's loyalties lie with her government and her own powerful family. But as conflicts erupt around them, her fate intertwines with Josh and Turo's. Now, the unlikely companions are launched onto a journey that crosses a continent divided: in the north, the half-tamed wilderness of Kingsrealm, where ancient tribes are ruled by a crumbling dynasty; and in the lush south, Sone, a guileful empire governed by an intrigue-filled senate.
Hot on the Evenarian's trail, our heroes begin to see the mystery man's influence everywhere: Common folk are challenging age-old beliefs, so-called heretics are persecuted in droves, and conflicts of ideas are leading to very real conflagrations. With war on the horizon, Josh, Turo and Elena find themselves in a race against time to find the Evenarian and save history... But the truth about magic may upend all they've worked for, and everything Josh and Turo believe.

Is it a one-shot story or the beginning of a series?

Honestly, I wrote the book in such a way that it could be a standalone project or the first installment in a series.

Can I read an excerpt?

Yes! The Evenarian's first four chapters are here for your reading pleasure.

Just who are you anyway?

I, Julia Dickinson, am a former journalist turned author. In November 2012, I raised over $5000 from fans on Kickstarter, which was used to get The Evenarian's manuscript professionally copyedited. I've cultivated an online fanbase for the novel on Facebook and am also active in fantasy and fiction appreciation communities such as Tumblr and Vassals of Kingsgrave. I am slated to appear as a panelist at the July 2014 DashCon in Schaumburg, Illinois.

I'm a literary agent/publisher (or I know somebody who does those things) and I want to talk to you!

Neat! I can be reached at Julia dot P dot Dickinson at Gmail dot com

Can I get updates on The Evenarian's journey towards publication?

You bet you can! Like The Evenarian's Facebook page for all that update-y goodness.

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