Wall of Heroes

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With the Kickstarter kicking away, I wanted to create a wall of thank yous for all the pledges of support I am seeing through this process.
I will update these as the pledges roll in. The thank yous, for now, are listed as the profile name chosen through Kickstarter.
I couldn't get this book to print without your help, thank you again.

Thank you to my heroes:

 Jacob Fogg  
 Jake Ference  
 James Dickinson  
 James Surano  
 Jared Vestal
 Jeff McLean
 Jennifer Salavarrieta  
 Jessaballer Dooly  
 Jillian Seaton  
 Joan Clawson  
 Julia Maryanska  
 Justin Kirby  
 Karen Song
 Kate Markopoulos  
 Kevin Purdy  
 Krys Kam
 Krystal Peak  
 Lakshmi Santhosh
 Laura Dulski
 Laura Santamaria  
 Lee Craig  
 Lenneth Valkyrie  
 Linda Murphy  
 Luna Adele Murphy-Dickinson  
 Marek Bienkowski  
 Mark Piazza  
 Matt Lagueux  
 Matthew Saffer  
 Michael Fabretti  
 Michael Kochanski  
 Mike Fisher  
 Mike Yamamoto  
 Moe Bickweat  
 Ned Baker  
 Nicholas DiGennaro  
 Nicolette Nicolosi
 Peter Lazarski  
 Petr Olmer  
 Rose Phillips  
 Ruth E. Levin  
 Ryan Young  
 Rylan Carpena  
 Sam Gatley
 Sativa Turner
 Seán Hayes  
 Sela Davis  
 Shahram Shawn Dastmalchi  
 Shari Stottler  
 Shaw Furukawa  
 Shawnte Fernandez  
 Stephen Hiller  
 Steve Shapiro  
 Steven Lord  
 Sumeet Srivastava
 Tarah Henderson
 Tony Sun
 Travis Hollaway  
 Tristram Coffin  
 Veronika Dominczyk  
 Vishnu Vyas  
 Vladimir Ulyanov  
 William Conwell  
Chris Maas  
Jacqueline Pittenger  
Kevin Kelley  
Yeates Conwell  

There is still plenty of time for you to get your name on this prestigious wall of recognition. Just check out, share and pledge on my Kickstarter.

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