Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hey everybody, I'm writing a novel!

-->Like the rest of the civilized world, my husband and I were hitting Game of Thrones pretty hard last year. I was awed by George Martin's ability to craft a nuanced, believable world. At that time, we were also reading a book by Neal Stephenson, one of the best-known names in speculative fiction. That book was "Anathem," which is about a planet where science and the regular world are firmly divided, to harrowing results.
One day, my husband Barnaby said to me out of the blue "I have an idea for a book." Turns out it was not "out of the blue." He had the main plot, themes and characters fully developed in his mind from conception, to the point where he told me an amazingly detailed story from start to finish. The man is a genius.
Instantly I knew this was the kind of book I had always wanted to write. The more we talked about it, the more excited we became. As lifelong science fiction and fantasy fans, we were thrilled to discover something this good to give back to the community that have brought us so much inspiration and enjoyment over the years.
I've wanted to write a book - this book - for a long time. As we shared the idea with friends, we got overwhelmingly positive feedback. "I would read that" so many people told us. We knew were onto something special. So this year, with my husband's support and with the support of my readers and friends, I left my full-time job as a journalist to focus on writing full-time.
Imagine, if you will...
A traveler arrives into a medieval world to prevent the original rift between magic and science that has caused so much strife throughout history. His goal: kill a messianic figure foretold by prophecy. Known only as the Evenarian, this man (or woman) was responsible for spreading a revolutionary message that led to science's supremacy over magic, and to a future full of war. To save history, the traveler has to do more than eliminate a person. He must kill a prophecy. 
And now, we're able to share this story with all of you. Stay tuned for more!
--Julia P. Dickinson


  1. we are totally for it and supportive (let us know what can we do)since we know that art is a communal venture and it takes a village to create art for a village. glad to see you exercising your creative soul as a team. your parents and friends/marek & basha (still in poland on her journey to find a perfect g spot for art)

    1. Thank you for your support! This book is for the community by the community: the science fiction and fantasy community.
      As for how you can help: I'm creating a kickstarter because I want to give you, and everyone in the community, an avenue through which to be a part of the books success.

  2. Will there be there more wars and killing?
    Or, the winner will be just a higher mind and love that takes over the world based on humans ego that destroys creativity and humanity?

    1. The market for fantasy books right now is looking for realistic portrayals of hardships in life and war, and with nuanced characters with both good and bad motives. Not old-fashioned "good hero's always win over evil villains". The Evenarian will be a reading experience at the cutting edge of its genre and deliver exactly those kinds of winners and that kind of humanity.

  3. How exciting!
    I can not wait for reading the story!
    You guys have my support and wish to successfully finish this fabulous project!